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 DUNK shoes are very popular in the 80's

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PostSubject: DUNK shoes are very popular in the 80's    Thu Jul 22, 2010 1:15 am

DUNK shoes are very popular in the 80's

nike dunk shoes present often with the launch of two brand new SB shoes to crush the Chinese people's wallets. On the division of labor, natural conditions is to provide equipment and original NIKE shoes. And then the street signs are sold Designer inspiration. And then the The shoe will be named street signs, and this is followed by lateral exclusive branded shoes LOGO. Examples: DUNK SB LOW SUPREME, COURT FORCE HI STUSSY, etc.. .. After a period of running such SB shoes, of course, beyond the more wallet-type .. .. In addition to our great JS NIKE has collaborated with the SB shoes personal habits such as heavy .. is a band Unkle built nike dunk HI DUNKLE and Skate Team in Japan T19 DUNK SB HI BLUETORRIST cooperation, etc., etc. .. of course, spoke of the SB's ancestors had to talk about SB DUNK. NIKE DUNK intention is affixed to a pair of good basketball shoes. For NIKE, although for now we think the design is simple, low-technology DUNK is definitely a pair of shoes next century. If you press technical content is concerned, you often do not see any Air Dunk it is a most primitive. However, the correct sequence is 83 years old in order to beat rivals cheap nike dunks Converse has launched the Air Force 1 (the first pair of air-cushion shoes) so that they can triumph in the market, the stock has steadily climbed. But to come back 85 years, adidas, sports product market greatly changed, Nike is facing the most serious financial crisis, the stock fell more than half in the same year, this time to reverse the troubling trends, Nike made a subsequent action affected the whole world, then to huge amounts of money at that time signed the super rookie Michael Jordan, in Air Force One as the prototype, as he designed his first pair of signature shoes, dunk shoes. Soon all of the top school teams are strongly urged to have their own team shoes, which is why there was Dunk. Sale of the Dunk with 8 different colors, representing the University of North Carolina, University of Arizona and University of Arkansas and other 8 NCAA's top teams. In fact, the design is based on air jordans Dunk took the prototype, so have an excellent grip and a sense of space to ensure the best players in the field who can be light and stable movement, so performance is not critical. So DUNK popular in the 80's is definitely not an accident. This article was writen by Lisactrytoo on 2010-7 -22 from us-trade company.

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DUNK shoes are very popular in the 80's
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